GTR R35 ATR1k Upgraded Turbo Kit with Triple Ball Bearing Cartridge and Billet Compressor Wheel


MT1k turbo upgrade kit for R35 Nissan GTR



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Add this pre paid core charge if you would like your turbos shipped before sending us your old ones. Fully refundable once we receive buildable STOCK turbo cores

We will cerakote your exhaust manifolds only

We will Cerakote your exhaust manifolds and compressor housings

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We are very excited to announce our newly developed turbo kit, in collaboration with MT Canada!  Our ATR1k utilizes your factory exhaust manifolds and turbo frames, which allows for a direct bolt on installation without intake and oil line adapters. This kit can be bolted on to a BONE stock R35 GTR, run the same amount of boost and produce an astounding increase of 56 ft lbs of torque and 85 horsepower with no other modification!  But why stop there, let’s talk bigger goals – With supporting modifications, these turbos have been DYNO PROVEN to put down 900 ft lbs of torque and 1091 horsepower at 37 psi on an AWD Mustang Dyno (which reads low in comparison to a DynoJet).  These turbos are most efficient and reliable from 25-35 psi and are recommended to those who would like an economical increase from FBO (Full bolt on) performance and up to a reliable 1000 horsepower rating (with supporting mods).  Meaning you will ideally have already installed the following:

  • 3″ air intakes
  • 1300cc or larger injectors
  • Flex fuel E85 kit with high flow pumps and flex sensor
  • Downpipes
  • Mid pipe
  • Cat back exhaust
  • Cobb or Ecutek software
  • WARNING – YOU WILL DAMAGE STOCK ENGINE INTERNALS IF YOU RUN OVER 650 FT LBS OF TORQUE (at the wheels).  Make sure to tune your vehicle accordingly, these turbos can run more power than your stock internals are capable of handling.  Our kit has been proven to safely run 625 ft lbs of torque and 865hp to the wheels on stock internals.  If you want more than this, we STRONGLY encourage you to upgrade engine rods, pistons, and use ARP hardware before turbo installation.


Let’s talk about what makes our kit unique

  • ATR1k is the ONLY kit that utilizes a TRIPLE ball bearing core (one set at turbine side, and TWO sets at compressor side to support higher load)
  • ATR1k utilizes a billet bearing core, billet compressor wheel, and inconel turbine wheel
  • ATR1k utilizes 20% larger compressor and turbine wheels from stock
  • ATR1k offers a much quicker spool time due to its triple ball bearing technology
  • ATR1k offers a MASSIVE increase in reliability and durability vs the other guys journal bearing cores
  • ATR1k utilizes TurboSmart dual port boost actuators for more accurate boost control
  • Optional Cerakote ceramic coatings on exhaust manifolds and compressor housings (make sure to add this option, should you require)

Additional Notes 

  • You will be required to add on a pre paid core charge if you would like these turbos shipped before sending us your old ones.  Core charge is fully refundable upon receipt of rebuildable stock cores.  You are responsible for return shipping cost
  • These can take up to 14 days to ship.  Please contact us ahead of time for rush orders

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in


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