Lexus LX570 Outer Screen Protector


This is the outer screen protector layer for 2013-2018 Lexus Lx570 with OEM navigation.  This is NOT a film, this is the actual outer layer of your display

Send us your device for repair in Gilbert, Arizona.

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Use this 25 meter roll of 2mm thick clear, double sided tape for installing the touch screen digitizer on top of your navigation unit LCD screen.

When attaching a touch screen digitizer the previously used tape is not reusable — you need to have new tape to complete the repair.

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Your late model Lexus LX570 has a navigation and information display located at the top of your dash.  This is not a touch screen, as touch function is performed below, using the touch pad on your center console.  This display has an outer layer of protective plastic that can be damaged by impact, scratching, or even by using harsh cleaners.

If you’ve already contacted your Lexus dealership, you know the repair is in excess of $1000!  This is why we have taken upon ourselves to manufacture an alternative!

Our outer screen protector is made of optical grade acrylics and incorporates an anti glare finish.  It will fit just like your OEM product did, with a very minor difference in appearance.  Our protector does not have the black border as your OEM one does.  Also please note this product is CLEAR, the green protective film removes upon installation.  When installing, the side with clear film should face outward, as this side has the anti glare coating.  This is NOT a film, this is the actual outer layer of your display

Fits 2013 and newer LX570 with 12″ display on top of dash


Save a whole bunch of money using this over OEM!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 3 in


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