Dodson Superstock R35 GTR GR6 14P Clutch Pack Assembly


A 14 plate upgraded clutch kit with Dodson Superstock 14P clutches, steels, and upgraded seals.  Uses stock basket.  12 month warranty for vehicles with less than 700 ft lb of torque.  Level 2 or 3 upgrades will be required past that level – Please message for details


Receive your new 14p clutch pack before sending us your old one (fully refundable when good core is returned)

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This kit incorporates OEM gasket and clips with an upgraded steel mesh transmission filter and Motul DCTF fluid - The best of all worlds.  Have peace of mind your transmission will run optimally.

This kit can sometimes take 4-5 days to ship.  Please contact us before ordering if this is a rush order


The stock R35 Nissan GTR (GR6) transmission comes with a 12 plate clutch pack assembly.  That’s 6 plates for clutch A and 6 for clutch B.  It does a great job standing up to the daily abuse a stock GTR can throw at it.  Once you begin raising boost levels though, these clutch packs will start to degrade and slip excessively, causing excess heat and drivability issues.  This is exactly why be began offering the 14p upgrade.  It adds 2 more plates to the clutch assembly and will allow your GR6 transmission to hold up to 700 ft lbs of torque without issue AND maintain stock like shifting.  The 14p upgrade is an ideal option if you have:

  • Burnt your stock clutches, have excess slippage, and are looking for a “stock like” shift with added holding capacity
  • Plan to upgrade beyond FBO (full bolt on) levels – up to 700 ft lbs of torque

This clutch pack will come fully assembled, clearanced, pressure tested, and ready to install.  You MUST add the pre-paid core charge to your order if you would like this to ship before you return your good condition and rebuild-able basket to us.  Core charge will be refunded upon receiving your build-able core – We cannot stress enough your core charge will NOT be refunded if your stock basket is damaged.

Kit comes with

  • 14 plate clutch and steel kit
  • good condition, used, and inspected stock basket, pistons and retainers
  • Upgraded Dodson proprietary seals

Keep in mind, if you plan to upgrade past 700 ft lbs of torque, you WILL need to upgrade beyond this – See our additional listings.  This 14p kit may require up to 5 days to assemble before shipping – Please contact us ahead of time if time is of the essence.  YOU WILL RECEIVE A COMPLETE CLUTCH A/B BASKET ASSEMBLY THAT IS READY TO INSTALL.  You MUST provide a complete unit back to us as a core.  Units that are incomplete or broken will not receive a core refund.  Please contact us ahead of time if your stock basket(s) is/are broken.

YouTube install help HERE

We can install this product for you in house at our shop – Highline Car Care, in Gilbert AZ – Please message for package pricing

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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