Cadillac CUE Touch Screen Repair

Here are a couple videos to show you the steps involved in repairing the touch screen digitizer on your 2013 or newer Cadillac Escalade, ATS, CTS, CTS-V, XTS, or SRX


Cadillac CUE Navigation and HMI Unit Removal


Cadillac CUE Touch Screen and Digitizer Replacement Service



How do I know I need CUE touch screen replacement or repair?

Over the years we at Auto Technology Repair in Mesa AZ have experienced a variety of Cadillac CUE failures:

  1. CUE touch screen is frozen – Simply put, your screen lights up but does not respond to touch.  This will require touch screen replacement to remedy the failed digitizer or ribbon cable.
  2. CUE touch screen is discolored – Your touch screen may be functional, but looks like the inner layer has heated up, warped, or discolored.  This will also require screen replacement
  3. CUE touch screen looks cracked or crackled – Your touch screen still lights up and responds to touch, but it looks like the inner layer is crackled.  Similar to shattered glass.  This once again will require touch screen replacement
  4. CUE touch screen is scratched – Once again, fully functional but has a physical scratch or blemish.  This is an easy fix, that will require touch screen replacement

We hope this has been helpful if you will be performing the repair yourself.  There are some very delicate parts inside these units, so watch the entire video first and shoot us a message if you prefer to ship yours to us for repair.  Remember, we always offer a 12 month warranty on our parts against defect, but we will double that warranty to 24 months if we perform the repair.  Service is quick and easy, and we usually ship it back out the very same day we have received it.

You can order a replacement screen HERE , or send us a message below.  We are available ALMOST 24/7 to answer questions by chat as well…