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Instructions for Shipping to Auto Technology Repair


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Please follow the instructions on this page and COMPLETE THE SHIPPING FORM at the bottom of this page. This ensures we know it is your unit. Thank you!

Step 1 — Unit Removal

We have several DIY removal videos HERE

If you do not wish to remove the unit yourself, we recommend taking your vehicle to a local dealership or reputable independent repair shop for removal.

In our experience, this should cost $80-$160 depending on the vehicle. 

Most vehicles require only basic tools for removal – A Philips screwdriver, an 8mm or 10mm socket with extension and ratchet, and a plastic interior trim removal tool.

The most difficult part of preparing your nav unit for shipping is the trim removal

The most difficult part is removing your dash and console trim without damaging it. If you’re struggling, STOP before you break an expensive trim piece!  Give us a call or email if you have any specific removal questions, we are here to help.

Step 2 — What to Send Us

In most cases you are going to want to send us the entire navigation display that you have removed from your vehicle (do not disassemble further).  

The only notable  exception to this is the Lexus IS, ES, and GS units where it is possible to remove the CD player on the bottom of your nav unit.  

Doing so will save on packaging and shipping, but is not necessary.  Send us the whole thing if you are unsure!

Step 3 — Your Information

It is very important to ensure you include all of your contact information inside the package you send us. Please include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email
  • Failure Information and/or description

In the event you forget to include your information, please contact us right away so we can be on the lookout for your package delivery.

Please do not forget this step. 

Step 4 — Packaging Your Unit

We have found the safest, easiest, and most reliable packaging material to be bubble wrap.

Wrap 2″ to 3″ of bubble wrap around your navigation unit and tape securely in all directions with packaging tape. 

Pay close attention to any sharp corners that may poke through during transit and apply extra bubble wrap as needed.

From here, you will want to find the smallest box possible that will accommodate your nav unit. Bigger is not always better. It is more expensive to ship and allows for more movement inside the box which could potentially damage your unit before it arrives.

We recommend a double walled box for added safety in transit — though it is not necessary.

You can also have your local shipping store package for you, although this typically comes at a premium price.

Step 5 — Shipping Your Unit

We recommend shipping your unit via USPS, as it is usually the fastest and most economical shipping method. UPS and FedEx are reliable as well. 

Regardless of whatever carrier you choose, insure your navigation unit for between $500-$2000 in case it is lost or damaged. 

Lastly, make sure you receive a tracking number.

Step 6 — Address & Information

Auto Technology Repair is owned and operated by Highline Car Care in Gilbert, Arizona. Please ship your nav unit to the following address:

Highline Car Care (Attn ATR)
1372 N Marvin St
Gilbert, AZ 85233

Step 7 — Expected Repair Time

In MOST cases, your navigation unit can be repaired in 1-2 business days. In fact, over 90% of our units are shipped out from our location the very same day it was received. 

If you have a concern regarding turnaround time, please contact us ahead of time.

Shipping us your Navigation Unit for Full Service Repair

  • Please describe the failure symptom(s) along with anything else we may want to know
  • Please include the price estimated by our sales team
  • Tracking info (optional)

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