Auto Technology Repair

A Highline Car Care Company


Auto Technology Repair is a division of Highline Car Care – A complete auto repair shop located in Gilbert, AZ. Our owner Wes Hawkins has been in the automotive industry over 20 years, and opened Highline in 2010. 

We have seen some exciting changes in the auto industry in our time, including new infotainment technology, navigation systems, entertainment systems, and vehicle safety systems. 

Working with customers local to Gilbert, AZ we have encountered and researched the common technology failure trends. This is why we started Auto Technology Repair – As a resource to not only provide our local customers with economical solutions, but to also provide a worldwide platform to service those in need. Rest assured when you order from Auto Technology Repair, that you are dealing with automotive industry professionals. 

We are committed to all things automotive, and most importantly – CUSTOMER SERVICE! Check out our customer reviews under Highline Car Care in Gilbert, AZ. You’ll quickly see why thousands of people just like you call us their “Mechanic” of choice.

Need Your Screen Repaired?

It takes someone who understands the technology in your car to make the necessary repairs.

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