Nissan GTR Parts & Accessories


But you already knew that. Now, let’s upgrade.

Is It Possible to Upgrade A Legend?


You have a legendary vehicle — a modern icon. You know there’s not much else that compares to it… sure, you could spend $500,000 on something exotic, but that takes the fun out of it.

The Nissan GTR is the most capable performance vehicle that turns heads on the track and in the grocery store parking lot. Yeah, girls think it’s a maxima, but pop the hood and even they will see there’s something special going on. No matter what you do or don’t do on the outside, the secret is that underneath is 100% quality.


Hello to Power. Goodbye to Failure.

Nissan GT-R R35 Upgraded Bell Housing

Send more power through your bell housing and mitigate the failure rate of lesser units. Eliminate bell housing rattling. Hardened steel insert sleeves to remove bearing movement. Japanese made Nachi bearings. Includes 12-month parts warranty.

Smooth As Butter. Strong As Steel.

Nissan R35 GTR GR6 14 Plate Exedy Clutch Upgrade

A clutch that can withstand elevated boost levels. Eliminate degrading, slippage, excessive heat, and drivability issues for maximum performance. Upgraded carbon steel and fully assembled — two more clutch plates and allows GR6 transmission to hold up to 700 ft pounds of torque… without issues.. and maintain stock like shifting.


It's All About the Boost, Baby

Upgraded Turbo Kit w/ 3x Ball Bearing Cartridge and Billet Compressor Wheel

Utilize your factory exhaust manifolds and turbo frames, allowing for direct bolt on installation. Put down 900ft lbs of torque and 1091 horsepower at 37 psi — DYNO PROVEN. Most proven and reliable from 25-35 psi and recommended if you are ready for an economical increase from FBO performance and up to reliable 1000 horsepower rating (with supporting mods).

Transmission Upgrades

The process for upgrading clutch packs. Our Stage 1 upgrade goes from 12 plate (stock) to 14 plate at a relatively affordable cost. Upgrade your allowed transmission torque all the way to 700-750ft lbs!

Bellhousing Upgrades

Say ‘no’ to ‘rattle & hum’ coming from your GTR. A failed bellhousing produces a distinct rattle and if left uncorrected, you will experience worse rattle until drivetrain damage.

Don’t just ‘replace’ the bellhousing — upgrade to a unit with hardened steel inserts and upgraded bearings for maximum performance over the long-haul.

Transmission Fluid Service

Install Nissan TSB clips on the GTR R35 transmission valve body.