Navigation Screen Replacement and Repair

What to Expect and Frequently Asked Questions


Navigation units are prone to failure and the process for having a screen replaced can cost you multiple days without your vehicle. Auto Technology Repair offers two forms of service – full replacement service or DIY replacement with our parts.

Using Our Replacement Service

Using our replacement service you can remove your navigation unit, mail it to our location in Gilbert, Arizona (we are owned and operated by Highline Car Care), and our technicians will diagnose, repair, and restore your navigation unit to original factory condition.

Many conditions are repairable including the following:

  • Navigation screen does not respond to touch.
  • Navigation screen is physically damaged.
  • Repair black or blank screen
  • Repair white or lined screen

All repairs done by our team include a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Contacting Us Prior to Purchase

While it is not necessary to contact us prior to purchasing replacement parts or ordering replacement service, we are more than happy to answer questions to help you determine what repair process is in your best interest. You can use our live chat or contact us via email with the details of your vehicle and symptoms and we’ll do our best to advise you.


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