Smartphone connected to car infotainment system

The Evolution of Modern Car Connectivity, Infotainment, and Navigation

Can you imagine traveling in your car and relying on a large folded map to help you get from point A to point B? Well, that was commonplace before GPS technology was integrated into vehicles. High-tech advancements not only help with driving directions but also how you enjoy entertainment while on the road. The history and evolution of the car connectivity infotainment system and navigation system is one that’s interesting to any car lover or techie.

Infotainment Systems

Infotainment systems are standard in most vehicles. Most new autos are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for all mobile devices. It’s not unusual to enjoy a variety of entertainment ranging from satellite radio to watching your favorite movies. Car infotainment has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

  • The 1930s to 1950s – AM radio was introduced and later equipped with a station preset feature. By the 1950s, FM stations were added to the mix, which gave car owners more listing options.
  • The 1960s – The 8-track cassette tape came on the scene. Drivers could now listen to the music of their favorite singers whenever they got behind the wheel. Today, we stream music. Back then, music became mobile when the emergence of these tapes.
  • The 1970s – Technology moved fast, so it wasn’t long before the 8-track tape was replaced by the smaller cassette tape. These double-sided cassettes held roughly 45 minutes of music on each side.
  • The 1980s – CDs emerged as a viable alternative to cassettes. These discs provided better sound quality. Plus, music lovers could create their own playlist by downloading MP3s onto these discs.

By the 2000s, car entertainment featured touch-screen systems, auxiliary inputs, and Bluetooth capabilities. Also, voice-controlled music and hands-free calling hit the market with Ford’s Ford Sync in 2007.

The car connectivity infotainment system navigation system reached new levels by the 2010s. At this time, there was a surge in apps. Additionally, Wi-Fi connectivity became a staple in many makes and models. On top of that, Apple and Google launched Carplay and Android Auto. 2010 marked the end of new cars being outfitted with cassette players.

How GPS Evolved

The Department of Defense developed the global positioning system in 1973. It was first used by the United States Air Force. GPS became available to the public in the 1980s. However, it didn’t become mainstream until the 2000s.

The Internet made it easier for drivers to download driving directions and street maps. Still, this wasn’t an ideal situation. Drivers often had to pull over to read maps. Additionally, getting lost and taking wrong turns remained a problem.

GPS began as standalone mobile devices. The earlier versions had limited features and only offered 2D map graphics. Eventually, upgrades were made that included the following:

  • Real-time traffic
  • On-screen text and voices
  • Lifetime map upgrades
  • 3D map views

Of course, it wasn’t long before these advancements became old school. Portable GPS devices were replaced, for the most part, with smartphones. These phones included GPS capabilities, voice-enabled navigation, regular updates, and Bluetooth-enabled receivers.

As far as new cars are concerned, voice-enabled in-car GPS navigation is becoming a standard feature. Drivers also get a lot of support from technology such as Android Auto or Apple Carplay’s Siri. Car-based GPS systems have advantages over portable GPS devices. For example, they are more reliable and work as soon as the engine is turned on.

Keep Your Vehicle’s Technology Working Properly

Modern technology has transformed the car connectivity infotainment system and navigation system in amazing ways. It’s hard to imagine how we drove around without the convenience of GPS and the enjoyment of Wi-Fi-enabled entertainment. Although hi-tech devices make life easier, they’re not perfect. If you encounter any issues with your vehicle’s technology, contact Auto Technology Repair to get you back up and connected in no time.

Hyundai Kia Navigation Touch Screen Repair

Auto Technology Repair can fix your cracked, frozen, or non responsive navigation touch screen

Many Hyundai and Kia models such as the Genesis, Equus, Sonata, Azera, and Cadenza experience this failure – The screen lights up as normal, but does not respond when you touch it for any function.  Or alternately, the screen has become cracked due to excessive force or simply defective materials.  At Auto Technology Repair in Mesa AZ, we are able to replace the outer layer of your multi function screen which is called the digitizer.  The digitizer is responsible for communicating your touch commands to the navigation unit.  When this has failed, all functions are left inaccessible.


If you are local to the Mesa, Phoenix AZ area, we encourage you to bring us your vehicle for a full service repair.  Your replacement digitizer screen will come with a 24 month warranty.  Our out of state, and even out of Country customers have the option to send us your navigation unit for repair – Which also comes with a 24 month warranty.  Lastly; if you prefer to tackle this repair yourself, we offer the digitizer for sale.

To purchase navigation parts, click HERE


If you’d like to schedule a visit for full service repair please drop us a line below


Toyota Prius Instrument Cluster Repair

Is your speedometer and instrument cluster black or blank?

Let the pros at Auto Technology Repair diagnose and repair your Prius today!  This issue is very common on 2004-2009 Toyota Prius, and involves a failed capacitor inside your speedometer cluster.  We can offer a full service repair if you are local, just drop your car off in the morning for same day service in most cases. If you are not local to the Mesa AZ area, you can have your instrument cluster removed and shipped to us for repair – Once again, a same day service in most cases!

A black or blank speedometer can not only be a hassle, but also a safety hazard.  Keep an eye on your complex Prius hybrid system, including shift range, speed, mileage, odometer, and fuel level.  toyota-prius-instrument-cluster-repair-mesa-az-auto-technology-repair


Ready to have Auto Technology Repair fix your faulty or inop speedometer and gauge display?


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Toyota Highlander Rav4 Gracenote Navigation Touchscreen Crack Repair Service

Auto Technology Repair In Mesa AZ Repairs Toyota Gracenote Navigation Touch Screens For Highlander, Rav4 and More..




Newer Toyotas come equipped with beautiful user interfaces, allowing the vehicle driver to navigate, communicate, monitor traffic, and much more.  All while keeping both hands on the steering wheel.  This modern amenity makes driving so much more enjoyable.  But what happens when things go awry?  Toyota Navigation screens are made of glass, which is prone to crack, split, spider, or shatter.  This often leaves the navigation unit unusable, and all of its fancy features inaccessible.  If you’re reading this after calling Toyota,  you already know its going to cost well over $1500 to repair.  This is why the Pros at Auto Technology Repair have developed a convenient and economical fix.  We are able to replace your touch screen digitizer (outer layer of your display screen) and save you hundreds over the dealership.  Take a look HERE to learn more about our specific Toyota Highlander and Rav4 parts and services


Take a look below to watch Wes @ Auto Technology Repair Fix a Cracked Toyota Highlander Touch Screen Digitizer



Ford Sync 2 MyTouch Screen Digitizer Repair

Auto Technology Repair in Mesa AZ Repairs Factory Navigation Touch Screens, Including Ford Sync Systems

Is your Ford or Lincoln Sync 2 on the fritz?  Is your navigation touch screen black, blank, scratched, cracked, distorted, or otherwise less than perfect?  The pros at ATR will make short work of the situation and get you right back on the road!  For the past 8 years, this is how we have made our name in Mesa AZ.  Our owner Wes prides himself on staying on top of new technology and providing value based repairs on all types of automobiles.


Take a Quick Look at Wes in Action, Replacing the Touch Screen on a Lincoln MKX


Ford C-Max, Escape, Explorer, F150, F250, F350, Focus, Fusion, along with many Lincoln models with Sync systems can all be repaired by the Pros at Auto Technology Repair.

Click HERE to purchase parts for DIY touch screen repair.  



Nissan GTR R35 Bellhousing Repair


An upgraded housing with optional burnt orange metallic powdercoating, by ATR

Nissan GT-R R35 Bellhousing Rattle Repair in Mesa, AZ

The R35 (2008+) Nissan GT-R is plagued with a weak link – The transmission bell housing.  When designing the R35, Nissan installed the transmission at the rear of the vehicle which then required a bellhousing to be installed at the rear of the engine, and a drive shaft to connect the two.  Chevy had been doing this for years with its Corvette, but with one major difference – a torque tube to physically connect the engine to the transmission.  Being that Nissan opted not to do this, the engine and bell housing have the opportunity to move (very slightly) independently from the transmission in the rear.  This results in a large amount of push and pull in the drive-train, and it turns out that the bellhousing shaft bearings are the weak link in this system.  Over time they will damage the aluminum housing and eventually float freely.  This results in a fairly noticeable rattle (even my wife noticed it on mine!).

The bell housing would eventually require replacement – Until the folks at ATR developed a fix.  We take damaged housings, bore them out to accept two hardened steel inserts, and new bearings are pressed into these inserts.  This results in a design that is much less prone to failure.  Remember, your driveshaft will still be pushing and pulling on these bearings, they WILL fail over time – there is no dodging this.  The good news is the ATR housings are relatively inexpensive to repair once failed.  Most times, a set of new bearings will resolve the issue.  We feel this is a much stronger AND more cost-conscious option, so much so that we offer a 12 month (parts only) warranty on our bell housings for all GTR’s running under 800 horsepower.

What Does a Failed GTR Bellhousing look like?

Take a look at this quick “before” video to see what exactly happens to a failed housing

Want to Have Your GTR Bellhousing Repaired Today?

Auto Technology Repair is owned and operated by Highline Car Care.  Highline is a full-service auto repair shop with EXCELLENT reviews.  We are happy to provide a full-service repair and can usually even have your car in and out the very same day!  We typically stock a couple modified housings on the shelf that are ready to go.  We can also ship our bellhousing to you or your preferred installer, we have shipped these as far as New Zealand and Dubai.  We will want your old housing back when done, so we do charge a refundable core fee up front.  We can rebuild your exact housing as well, if this is something you prefer.  Just keep in mind, turn around time will be 2-3 weeks.  Ready to buy?  Click HERE

Lexus IS Navigation Unit Removal and Repair

Lexus IS Navigation Unit Repair by Auto Technology Repair

The 2006 and newer Lexus IS250 IS350 and IS-F models have experienced a very common rate of Navigation Unit Failure.  But have no fear, the folks at Auto Technology Repair have done the research to get you back up and running in a very timely, affordable, and reliable manner.  Several years ago, as these vehicles began to fall out of their factory warranties we started receiving phone calls from our customers.  Navigation touch screens were becoming unresponsive and stopped responding to touch, or worse yet – The screens went completely blank.  This leaves the vehicle’s climate control, radio, navigation, and Bluetooth functions inaccessible.  If you haven’t purchased your parts for repair yet, please click HERE.  If you’ve already purchased your parts from Auto Technology Repair, check out the videos below.  Remember, we will always provide this information FREE of charge.  All we ask is that you consider us as your number one U.S.A based OEM navigation unit repair vendor.  We offer a 12 month warranty on all DIY parts, and a 24 month warranty on all full service repairs.


Lexus IS Model Navigation Unit Removal for Repair


Lexus IS Navigation Unit PCB Circuit Board Replacement


Lexus IS Navigation Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement Repair Service


Contact Auto Technology Repair (A division of Highline Car Care) in Mesa, AZ for Full Service Lexus IS Navigation Unit Repair





Cadillac CUE Navigation Unit Touch Screen Replacement

How-to Videos for our DIY Cadillac CUE Touch Screen Customers

As you likely already know, the CUE touch screens have become very problematic and Cadillac has yet to provide an economical solution.  Screens become cracked, speckled, distorted, spider-ed, and unresponsive on many 2013 and newer CUE units.  That’s what motivated us to provide a reliable and affordable solution to our customers in Mesa Arizona.  We began receiving phone calls shortly after these vehicle’s factory warranties had expired, and customers told us that the Cadillac dealers wanted up to $2500 to repair what seems to be a factory defect.  They do not have any extended warranty coverage, and there is yet to be a recall issued by GM. We did our research, tested many products, and feel that we have come up with the most reliable and cost conscious fix available.  If  you haven’t purchased a replacement screen yet, please take a look HERE.  If you’ve already purchased and received your product, take a look at a recent video the folks at Auto Technology Repair have made to help you replace your Cadillac ATS CTS Escalade SRX or XTS touch screen (Towards the bottom of this page).  And remember, we are providing this information FREE of charge, all we ask is that you consider us as your trusted LOCAL U.S.A supplier for all of your OEM touch screen repair parts.  We offer a 12 month warranty on all DIY parts, and a 24 month warranty on all full service repairs.

Cadillac XTS CUE Display Removal


Cadillac SRX CUE Navigation Unit Removal


Cadillac CUE Touch Screen Replacement for DIY


Contact Auto Technology Repair (A division of Highline Car Care) Today for Full Service CUE

Navigation Touch Screen Repair




Toyota Prius MFD Touch Screen Repair


Is your Toyota Prius MFD Touch Screen Digitizer Unresponsive to Touch?

Auto Technology Repair has the solution for you!  Many 2004 and newer Toyota Prius models have experienced this failure – Your multi function or navigation display will light up as normal, but does not respond to your touch.  In many cases this can leave you without access to your Bluetooth or climate control, a very frustrating issue.  In most cases this is caused by a failed ribbon cable on your touch screen digitizer.  This can be repaired by the pros at Auto Technology Repair for a very reasonable price, and with a very quick turnaround and 12 month warranty.  99% of the time, we have the repair parts in stock and can perform the service the very same day!


Does your Toyota Prius Multi Function Display Fail to Power up?

This issue is not nearly as common as a failed digitizer, but it does occur.  We have traced this back to a failed circuit board (PCB).  While we can replace this PCB, we have often found it to be more economical to provide a used, good condition MFD in place of the failed unit.  In either case – If your Prius MFD screen is blank or black, the pros at Auto Technology Repair can get you back up and running.  Click HERE to order parts for do-it-yourself repairs.


Local to the Phoenix Area?

Stop by and see us at our repair facility – Highline Car Care, located at 240 E. Coury Ave in Mesa, AZ.  We can provide full service repair, walk in repairs, or parts only.  Please make sure to call or email first.

Looking to perform a DIY MFD Digitizer Replacement?  Here’s a video you must watch first!


Cadillac CUE Touch Screen Repair

Here are a couple videos to show you the steps involved in repairing the touch screen digitizer on your 2013 or newer Cadillac Escalade, ATS, CTS, CTS-V, XTS, or SRX


Cadillac CUE Navigation and HMI Unit Removal


Cadillac CUE Touch Screen and Digitizer Replacement Service



How do I know I need CUE touch screen replacement or repair?

Over the years we at Auto Technology Repair in Mesa AZ have experienced a variety of Cadillac CUE failures:

  1. CUE touch screen is frozen – Simply put, your screen lights up but does not respond to touch.  This will require touch screen replacement to remedy the failed digitizer or ribbon cable.
  2. CUE touch screen is discolored – Your touch screen may be functional, but looks like the inner layer has heated up, warped, or discolored.  This will also require screen replacement
  3. CUE touch screen looks cracked or crackled – Your touch screen still lights up and responds to touch, but it looks like the inner layer is crackled.  Similar to shattered glass.  This once again will require touch screen replacement
  4. CUE touch screen is scratched – Once again, fully functional but has a physical scratch or blemish.  This is an easy fix, that will require touch screen replacement

We hope this has been helpful if you will be performing the repair yourself.  There are some very delicate parts inside these units, so watch the entire video first and shoot us a message if you prefer to ship yours to us for repair.  Remember, we always offer a 12 month warranty on our parts against defect, but we will double that warranty to 24 months if we perform the repair.  Service is quick and easy, and we usually ship it back out the very same day we have received it.

You can order a replacement screen HERE , or send us a message below.  We are available ALMOST 24/7 to answer questions by chat as well…