Hyundai Kia Navigation Touch Screen Repair

Auto Technology Repair can fix your cracked, frozen, or non-responsive navigation touch screen

Many Hyundai and Kia models such as the Genesis, Equus, Sonata, Azera, and Cadenza experience this failure – The screen lights up as normal, but does not respond when you touch it for any function.  Or alternately, the screen has become cracked due to excessive force or simply defective materials.  At Auto Technology Repair in Mesa AZ, we are able to replace the outer layer of your multi function screen which is called the digitizer.  The digitizer is responsible for communicating your touch commands to the navigation unit.  When this has failed, all functions are left inaccessible.


If you are local to the Mesa, Phoenix AZ area, we encourage you to bring us your vehicle for a full service repair.  Your replacement digitizer screen will come with a 24 month warranty.  Our out of state, and even out of Country customers have the option to send us your navigation unit for repair – Which also comes with a 24 month warranty.  Lastly; if you prefer to tackle this repair yourself, we offer the digitizer for sale.

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