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Hyundai Kia Navigation Touch Screen Repair


Auto Technology Repair can fix your cracked, frozen, or non-responsive navigation touch screen

Many Hyundai and Kia models such as the Genesis, Equus, Sonata, Azera, and Cadenza experience the non-responsive touch screen failure. The screen lights up as normal, but does not respond when you touch it for any function. 

There are other instances where failure is due to excessive force, cracking the screen. And then there are times when the materials are simply defective.

It is possible to replace the outer layer of your multi function screen that facilitates the responsive touch. This outer layer is called the digitizer.

The digitizer is 100% responsible for communicating your touch commands to the navigation unit. When the digitizer fails, all functions of the unit are left inaccessible.

How to Replace Hyundai & Kia Touch Screen Digitizer

This tutorial will walk you through replacing the touch screen on a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. The screen is non-responsive to touch making all features inaccessible.

We are going to take the unit a part, replace the outer layer of the screen, called the digitizer, and restore touch functionality to the unit.

The first step is to take the faceplate off. There are eight screws holding on the faceplate. As you remove these eight screws, the circuit board cover will come off and once all screws are removed, you will gently pry the entire faceplate assembly away from from the rear assembly.

Once removed, the circuit board and ribbon cables are exposed. We were unable to remove all of the cables that we would ideally like to have out of the way. We chose to work around them.

Proceed to unhook the large ribbon cable by sliding the black portion on the left and right side of the cable backwards until it stops.

At this point, you will want to remove the circuit board, entirely, avoiding the need to unplug additional electrical connections. Once off, pull the circuit board back, keeping it out of the way.

Remove four additional screws and you can finally remove and separate the LCD screen from the rest of the unit.

With the LCD separated, you want to take off the outer cover (on the rear of the screen). This will give you better access to removing the necessary ribbon cables. Remove the four screws, remove any additional tape, and you’ll be able to flip the outer cover back and have access to the screen.

Unhook the small ribbon cable by sliding the white portion outwards. Peel back the tape and you’ll be ready to separate.

At this point you will want to separate the digitizer from the LCD screen and that will require a heat gun to soften the adhesive holding the digitizer to the screen.

After you’ve heated the screen, you will want to pry away the digitizer from the LCD — be very careful not to damage the LCD when prying.

Once the digitizer is completely removed from the LCD, clean off any adhesive residue prior to installing the new digitizer.

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