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Toyota Main Power Board Repair

Screenshot of Toyota Main Power Board replacement video, Sienna 2006

The Toyota main power board is prone to failure — a failed board will cause the navigation unit LCD screen to be very dim or completely black or blank. Replacing the power board restores your Toyota navigation LCD screen to full functional.

In this video, watch a full disassemble of the Toyota Navigation Unit for a 2006 Toyota Sienna and the replacing of the main circuit board.

This video is relevant for the Sienna as well as Sequoia, Prius, Camry, and other Toyota models.

Repairing the Main Power Board for 2006 Toyota Sienna

The Main Power Board for the 2006 Toyota Sienna is very, very dim — almost black — when the unit is powered up.

We are going to completely disassemble this unit and get down to the circuit board, which is at the very bottom of the navigation unit. You can see the plugs where the circuit board is located on the rear bottom of the unit.

Picture of Toyota Main Power Board on the rear bottom of the Sienna navigation unit.
The main power board is at the bottom of the navigation unit. You can see the plugs when looking at the rear of the unit.

First thing we want to do is just gently pry this outwards and we’ve got two Phillips screws holding LCD onto the track. with both of those screws off, we’ll just gently pry this track outwards to let the LCD pop out. A

ll right, now be very careful. You still have a ribbon cable right down here connected to the circuit board. What we’re going to do is take either … I actually like a flat head screwdriver.

We’re going to gently pry up the latch and you can pry it towards you from the back of the unit forward. It only moves about an eighth of an inch. You want to be really careful with it so as not to break it. There you go. That ribbon is loose.

So we can twist this sideways. Put that aside for now. Now we’re going to start disassembling the unit. Remove these two Phillips screws. This will pull this little cover off.

Now we’ve got inside here, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight Phillips screws. You’ll see the ones with the flat head are the top ones here. Once again, we’re just moving the eight screws, four on each side. Now once again, this piece just put off to the side. All right, now we’re going to flip this over and we’re going to take the top part of the case off. Two screws there, three there, one here, three down there, two up there. Get this up and out of the way. We’ll go ahead and take this lower plate off here. One, two, three, four, five screws.

Go ahead and set this aside.

Now we can pull the side pieces off. They just take a little bit of pressure to pop them out.

Next we’ll see this ribbon cable right here, goes to the CD player. We’re going to gently pry this black latch this way. Flip that up. Pull that out of the way there. Now we can unbolt the CD player from the unit. We’ve got one screw on the back right there.

First we need to peel this out of the way. There’s just a little bit of adhesive right there. Just gently peel that off. Slide this up and backwards and then before I do that, I don’t want to rip this ribbon cable, which is still attached. You’ll see this big … This is actually, I believe the back lighting right here. But this connects downwards to here and we’ll actually see … Just gently pry this plug outwards.

Now this has been a part before about you’re going to notice on yours that there is adhesive right here as well.

Just need to gently peel that back without ripping the ribbon cable. That’s your four disc CD player right here. Now we’re inside to the DVD drive for your map. You got one screw right there. Now, this should come out and once again, I got ahead of myself here. We’ve got one ribbon cable underneath. Just flip this latch upwards and then you kind of gently pull that out just like that.

All right, I got to be very careful. Nine times out of 10 when we have a repair unit for somebody who already tried themselves, they’ve ripped one of these ribbon cables. So now we’re almost to the bottom here. As you can see, that’s the circuit board we’re replacing right here. We’re going to flip this upside down. It’s already on the side again. We’re going to remove two screws here. Then we’ll flip it this way. Well, actually no screws on that side.

So now we’re going to gently pull this outwards.

This is your mechanism that opens and closes the face plate. All right, now this circuit board, we’re not replacing.

You can see we need to take this circuit board off and it will transfer over to here. We’re going to start with this little guy. Just flip this over. We’ll just gently sit it down there. You could unhook it if you want. But I’m not going to bother. We’ve got three screws there, two screws there. This little guy, set that aside. This will take just a little bit of pressure to separate because it’s got a plug in there.

IThis is the plug. They just kind of push together like that. So once again, this will eventually go over here and I’ve got this one ribbon cable I need to separate. Pull the black latch outwards. So we’ll transfer that over here as well.

So really just a couple last things we need to swap over from this unit is this ribbon cable and this heat sink and fan. So for the fan, there’s three screws and there’s one electrical connector. Once again, just kind of gently pry that outward, maybe not so gently. There you go.

Now I’m not too concerned about this old circuit board.

But I wanted to be careful with the connector for the fan. All right, now we’ve got a fan ready to swap it over. So we just got to separate this ribbon cable. Its going to require you to lift the brown latch upwards on both sides and that ribbon cable pulls right out. So this is the defective unit. I have no idea what’s failed inside. But once again, we just replace them and get on with life. Going back together is just the opposite of how we took it apart and once again, we are Auto Technology Repair,

If you’re not comfortable doing this repair yourself, give us a call. You can send your unit to us and we’ll take care of it for you.

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