Toyota Highlander Rav4 Gracenote Navigation Touchscreen Crack Repair Service


Auto Technology Repair In Mesa AZ Repairs Toyota Gracenote Navigation Touch Screens For Highlander, Rav4 and More..

Newer Toyotas come equipped with beautiful user interfaces, allowing the vehicle driver to navigate, communicate, monitor traffic, and much more.  All while keeping both hands on the steering wheel.  This modern amenity makes driving so much more enjoyable. 

But what happens when things go awry? 

Toyota Navigation screens are made of glass, which is prone to crack, split, spider, or shatter. This often leaves the navigation unit unusable, and all of its fancy features inaccessible. 

If you’re reading this after calling Toyota,  you already know its going to cost well over $1500 to repair. This is why the Pros at Auto Technology Repair have developed a convenient and economical fix. 

We are able to replace your touch screen digitizer (outer layer of your display screen) and save you hundreds over the dealership. 

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How to Fix a Cracked Toyota Highlander Touch Screen Digitizer

This is a 2015 Toyota Highlander with a cracked screen. From the looks of it, someone might have been frustrated and pushed too hard.

We’re going to replace the touch screen digitizer with a new part.

The touch screen digitizer is the outer layer of your touch screen responsible for the touch functions — communicating your touch commands to the computer.

Prior to recording the above tutorial video, I have removed side brackets that hold the unit into the vehicle, removed a top element from the unit, and removed the four screws that hold the faceplate on to the unit as a whole.

Before you move to prying off the locking tabs, there is a piece of tape that needs to be removed and underneath that piece of tape is a single Phillips screw that needs to be removed.

From here, you will gently pry off the locking tabs. It can be tricky to get all of them released at the same time.

Once they are all released, slowly separate the two sides as there is a ribbon cable attached to the face plate.

When you see the two ribbon cables, do not pull on them. You want to flip the black latches upwards gently with a screw driver and that will then allow the cables to be released. Pull gently.

You can set the large casing aside and now focus on the face plate that has the LCD screen, the circuit board and the digitizer.

Separate the three ribbon cables from the side circuit boards. Two large and one smaller.

Once detached, unhook the antenna by pulling upwards very gently.

You have four screws holding on the LCD screen.

Now the LCD screen and digitizer are separated completely.

The digitizer is connected to the screen via a small ribbon cable that you will want to disconnect. You can attempt to remove it without taking the top metal plate off, but we opt for the easier route of removing the metal plate for better access to the ribbon.

Once released, we have the LCD screen and the broken digitizer separately.

We will place the new digitizer on to the LCD and put it all back together.

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