Ford Sync 2 MyTouch Screen Digitizer Repair


Auto Technology Repair in Mesa AZ Repairs Factory Navigation Touch Screens, Including Ford Sync Systems

Is your Ford or Lincoln Sync 2 on the fritz?  Is your navigation touch screen black, blank, scratched, cracked, distorted, or otherwise less than perfect? 

The pros at ATR will make short work of the situation and get you right back on the road! 

For the past 8 years, this is how we have made our name in Mesa AZ.  Our owner Wes prides himself on staying on top of new technology and providing value-based repairs on all types of automobiles.

Take a Quick Look at Wes in Action, Replacing the Touch Screen on a Lincoln MKX

We have a Sync 2 unit out of a 2010 Lincoln MKX with a black screen on the navigation display — it doesn’t light up.

In this tutorial we are going to replace the LCD and digitizer assembly along with the circuit board for the LCD.

Our tutorial starts having already removed four Phillips head screws. Once those are removed, you’re going to pull up gently on the back cover.

You now have four torques head screws that hold the assembly together — in the video I have already removed them as well.

You are now ready to separate the two pieces — and you will want to be careful of the ribbon connecting the circuit board to the screen. Remove the four torque screws to separate the circuit board.

You can now set the back housing aside.

There are now four smaller torque screws that need to be removed. Once unbolted, the back cover come free. Before removing completely, detach the ribbon cable from the circuit board by unlatching it, flipping the latch to release.

Now that the parts are separated, you can proceed to replace the malfunctioning pieces.

Ford C-Max, Escape, Explorer, F150, F250, F350, Focus, Fusion, along with many Lincoln models with Sync systems can all be repaired by the Pros at Auto Technology Repair.

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