Hyundai Kia Navigation Touch Screen Repair

Auto Technology Repair can fix your cracked, frozen, or non-responsive navigation touch screen

Many Hyundai and Kia models such as the Genesis, Equus, Sonata, Azera, and Cadenza experience this failure – The screen lights up as normal, but does not respond when you touch it for any function.  Or alternately, the screen has become cracked due to excessive force or simply defective materials.  At Auto Technology Repair in Mesa AZ, we are able to replace the outer layer of your multi function screen which is called the digitizer.  The digitizer is responsible for communicating your touch commands to the navigation unit.  When this has failed, all functions are left inaccessible.

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Toyota Prius Instrument Cluster Repair

Is your speedometer and instrument cluster black or blank?

Let the pros at Auto Technology Repair diagnose and repair your Prius today!  This issue is very common on 2004-2009 Toyota Prius, and involves a failed capacitor inside your speedometer cluster.  We can offer a full service repair if you are local, just drop your car off in the morning for same day service in most cases. If you are not local to the Mesa AZ area, you can have your instrument cluster removed and shipped to us for repair – Once again, a same day service in most cases!

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Toyota Highlander Rav4 Gracenote Navigation Touchscreen Crack Repair Service

Auto Technology Repair In Mesa AZ Repairs Toyota Gracenote Navigation Touch Screens For Highlander, Rav4 and More..


Newer Toyotas come equipped with beautiful user interfaces, allowing the vehicle driver to navigate, communicate, monitor traffic, and much more.  All while keeping both hands on the steering wheel.  This modern amenity makes driving so much more enjoyable.  But what happens when things go awry?  Toyota Navigation screens are made of glass, which is prone to crack, split, spider, or shatter.  This often leaves the navigation unit unusable, and all of its fancy features inaccessible.  If you’re reading this after calling Toyota,  you already know its going to cost well over $1500 to repair.  This is why the Pros at Auto Technology Repair have developed a convenient and economical fix.  We are able to replace your touch screen digitizer (outer layer of your display screen) and save you hundreds over the dealership.  Take a look HERE to learn more about our specific Toyota Highlander and Rav4 parts and services

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