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Nissan GTR R35 Bellhousing Repair


The R35 (2008+) Nissan GT-R is plagued with a weak link – The transmission bell housing. 

When designing the R35, Nissan installed the transmission at the rear of the vehicle which then required a bellhousing to be installed at the rear of the engine, and a drive shaft to connect the two. 

Chevy had been doing this for years with its Corvette, but with one major difference – a torque tube to physically connect the engine to the transmission. 

Being that Nissan opted not to do this, the engine and bell housing have the opportunity to move (very slightly) independently from the transmission in the rear.  This results in a large amount of push and pull in the drive-train, and it turns out that the bellhousing shaft bearings are the weak link in this system. 

Over time they will damage the aluminum housing and eventually float freely.  This results in a fairly noticeable rattle (even my wife noticed it on mine!).

The bell housing would eventually require replacement – Until the folks at ATR developed a fix

We take damaged housings, bore them out to accept two hardened steel inserts, and new bearings are pressed into these inserts. This results in a design that is much less prone to failure. Remember, your driveshaft will still be pushing and pulling on these bearings, they WILL fail over time – there is no dodging this. 

The good news is the ATR housings are relatively inexpensive to repair once failed.  Most times, a set of new bearings will resolve the issue. We feel this is a much stronger AND more cost-conscious option, so much so that we offer a 12 month (parts only) warranty on our bell housings for all GTR’s running under 800 horsepower.

What Does a Failed GTR Bellhousing look like?

Take a look at this quick “before” video to see what exactly happens to a failed housing

Want to Have Your GTR Bellhousing Repaired Today?

Auto Technology Repair is owned and operated by Highline Car Care.  Highline is a full-service auto repair shop with EXCELLENT reviews

We are happy to provide a full-service repair and can usually even have your car in and out the very same day!  We typically stock a couple modified housings on the shelf that are ready to go. 

We can also ship our bellhousing to you or your preferred installer, we have shipped these as far as New Zealand and Dubai.  We will want your old housing back when done, so we do charge a refundable core fee up front. 

We can rebuild your exact housing as well, if this is something you prefer.  Just keep in mind, turn around time will be 2-3 weeks. 

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