Lexus IS Navigation Unit Removal and Repair


The 2006 and newer Lexus IS250 IS350 and IS-F models have experienced a very common rate of Navigation Unit Failure.  But have no fear, the folks at Auto Technology Repair have done the research to get you back up and running in a very timely, affordable, and reliable manner. 

Several years ago, as these vehicles began to fall out of their factory warranties we started receiving phone calls from our customers.  Navigation touch screens were becoming unresponsive and stopped responding to touch, or worse yet — the screens went completely blank.  This leaves the vehicle’s climate control, radio, navigation, and Bluetooth functions inaccessible. 

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We offer a 12-month warranty on all DIY parts, and a 24-month warranty on all full-service repairs.

Lexus IS Navigation Unit Removal for Repair

*It is always a good idea to use anti-static gloves when doing these types of repairs so as to not damage any electrical components.

First we’re going to remove the navigation unit from a 2006 Lexus IS250.

The first step is the most difficult step — unhook and remove the AC vents. If you look closely, there are four locking tabs on these AC vents that need to be pushed downward to release from the dash.

It is crucial to be careful working around the dash because a lot of them are really dry and brittle. You don’t want to end up with notches on your dash when you’re done.

Once the vents are removed you can begin to work on removing the navigation unit.

Remove the two upper bolts and then the two lower bolts (video).

The unit will come out as one complete assembly and there should be seven or eight electrical plugs on the back of the unit.

It is always recommended to count them as you unplug them so you can remember how many must be reconnected when you are putting it back together — you do not want to forget one.

Leave the one harness which connects the two parts of the unit.

There are two antennas that plug in and the CD player plug is at the bottom.

This navigation unit is ready to be repaired — we’re going to replace the digitizer which is damaged and does not respond to touch.

Lexus IS Digitizer & LCD Screen: $399

Lexus IS Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement Repair Service

*It is always a good idea to use anti-static gloves when doing these types of repairs so as to not damage any electrical components.

We’re going to replace the Lexus IS Touch Screen Digitzier on a 2007 Lexus IS250 Navigation Unit.

Replacing the digitizer replaces the symptom of your touchscreen not responding to your touch. Even though, in the video, the digitizer is functioning, we will go through the process to replace it as if it were non-functioning.

You will need to remove the LCD screen from your navigation unit and then replace the digitizers. It’s a simple process, but you do need to operate with caution.

You will first remove the entire LCD screen from the navigation unit using a Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the four screws to release the face plate. Once those are out, you will need to pry out the tabs holding the face plate on using just a little bit of pressure. Be gentle.

You will see a connecting cable once it is separated, so be careful with that — gently wiggle it off the face plate. Once removed, set it aside.

Once the face plate is removed, you have four more screws to remove. Be sure to reference the video for exactly which screws to remove. There are two on each side — however, you will notice each side has more than two — so the video shows you which two to remove.

When the screws are removed, you want to gently wiggle the screen potion out being careful because there are two cables behind it.

You can flip up the screen to have access to the cables. Flip the black lever up, wiggle the ribbon cable out.

The second cable you want to be very careful with — the wires like to pull out so I use a flathead screwdriver, apply a little pressure, and it separates.

Now you’re left with the LCD and the circuit boards.

Remove four more screws, two on each side. Now you can separate the casing.

In the video, you can see that someone has already tried to repair the unit on their own — the unit is functioning so we will leave it alone, but the fix seen in the video is one that people will do which temporarily fixes units. They scrape off and apply a solder circuit pin to the repair and it is not a reliable fix.

Both sides of the case are now off. We are going to separate the LCD from the circuit board here.

There is a small cable connecting the circuit board, you will wiggle it to pull it out. There is a larger ribbon cable that, in the video, is released by flipping the metal part downward and then the ribbon cable will slide out.

The third and final cable needs to be disconnected and from there you can remove the circuit board from the LCD and set it aside.

We finally have the LCD screen with the digitizer.

From this point it gets a little tricky. You need a heat gun, which looks like a giant hairdryer, and heat up the screen. Once it is warm, you want to gently pry the digitizer off of the LCD screen.

Be very careful not to stick your screw driver through the LCD screen. As it comes a part, make sure to remove all the double-sided tape from the screen boarder.

Once separated, take note of the location of the ribbon cable. You don’t want to put the new one on in the incorrect position.

You’re now ready for the new digitizer.

Peel the tape off of the new digitizer revealing the adhesive, and now it’s ready to be placed.

Be sure to align all the corners and edges properly before you stick it.

Once applied, you have a brand new digitizer. Assembly is going to be the opposite of what we’ve done here — you can try for yourself or, if you’d like us to handle the repair for you, you can send us your navigation unit and we’ll take care of it. If you’re local to Gilbert, Arizona, you can visit us at Highline Car Care.

Lexus IS Full-Service Navigation Repair Service: $399-$799

Lexus IS PCB Circuit Board Replacement

This video is to demonstrate how to replace the IS350 circuit board. The removal instructions are the same as the videos higher up on this page — the replacement differs in the circuit board versus the digitizer.

The navigation unit screen is staying black / blank upon startup. The affects the radio controls and climate control. The fix for black screen is to replace the main circuit board. This resolves the problem 99% of the time.

You will need several specific tools to complete this repair

  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • Pick
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Eight millimeter socket

With the right tools, you can start taking things apart.

Once the mounting brackets are off, you want to separate the CD player from the nav unit. It is very simple. Snap it apart and place off to the side. This will reveal the component you’re looking for — the circuit board… you’ll see the plug that sticks out.

Take the control panel off and set it off to the side.

When that’s removed you’ll see the circuit board has four screws and some bolts — after removing those (as shown in the video) you’re ready to replace and then put it back together.

The bad circuit board was causing the Lexus navigation unit not to power up — it was displaying just a blank screen.

After replacement, you can see in the video that, once the vehicle is powered up, it turns on as it would normally.

Everything is working as it should.

If you happen to have this issue on your 2006 to 2009 Lexus IS, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can use the form below or find all of our contact information here.

Lexus IS Printed Circuit Board (PCB): $199

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