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ATR Version 2 Nissan GT-R R35 Upgraded Bell Housing

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This price includes a rebuilt ATR bell housing which comes with a 5 year bearing warranty (see additional details).  We require your old bell housing as a core.  Any bell housing shipped without a core must include the core charge (please add on the core charge before checkout).  Each upgraded housing will come with a used and thoroughly inspected damper disc, as ATR is currently unable to supply new discs. However, you have the company’s guarantee that each disc receives careful inspection before going out. Although they may have minor wear and tear, they will still work optimally.

What to expect with your V2 ATR housing:

  1. Eliminated bellhousing rattle
  2. Hardened steel insert sleeves to eliminate bearing movement
  3. Upgraded Japanese made Nachi bearings
  4. Modified output shaft and flange to allow driveshaft additional room to float
  5. A used aluminum bellhousing that has been media blasted for a cleaner look
  6. A used damper disc that has been inspected for reliability
  8. Installation is available at our Gilbert, AZ facility.  Add on installation fee for full service repair
  9. Bellhousing will be shipped in a reusable box for you to return your core in

Considerations for choosing your replacement bellhousing:

  1. V1 bellhousing is tried and true, and found to be quite reliable on cars up to 800 horsepower AND comes with a one year labor only warranty on the housing (not the disc)
  2. V2 bellhousing is recommended for cars with 800-1600 horsepower.  V2 comes with a modified shaft and output flange that GREATLY reduces the likelihood of future failure AND a 5 year parts only warranty on the housing (not disc)
  3. V3 bellhousing is recommended for cars in excess of 1600 horsepower and comes with an ETS billet shaft and damper disc.  There is no warranty on the housing.  The shaft and disc come only with ETS’s limited warranty against defect

We have sold hundreds of housings all around the world, get yours today!




Product Description

Benefits of Our Bell Housing

Purchasing an auto part online should never feel like an ordeal. ATR makes it easy for you to know precisely what you are getting. You can expect the following benefits right away, that are only available in our V2 bellhousing.

  • Hardened steel insert sleeves that eliminate any bearing movement
  • Upgraded Japanese-made Nachi bearings
  • Custom modified bellhousing output shaft and flange to allow driveshaft additional room to float
  • Rebuilt housing will be media blasted for cleaner finish
  • Shipped in a reusable box for you to return your core in

It is important to keep some items in mind when you purchase a used bell housing. You should always inspect a used damper disc to ensure it will remain reliable. You also want to inspect the used aluminum bell housing in the event it could have debris, corrosion, and small scratches.

Auto Technology Repair inspects every item before it goes out, so you may notice some minor wear. This is normal, and it will not compromise the overall integrity of your component.

Damper Disc

Any damper disc you get from Auto Technology Repair will be used. Auto Technology Repair is unable to supply new damper discs at this time by themselves. However, you have the company’s guarantee that each disc receives careful inspection before going out. Although they may have minor wear and tear, they will still work optimally.

Greater Risk With GT-R R35

Due to its design, the R35 Nissan GT-R has a unique risk for bellhousing failure. From the first GT-Rs in 2008, the bellhousing has always been a weak point due to the separation of engine and transmission. The bell housing is mounted on the back of the engine where it has needed to adapt to a rearward-facing driveshaft going toward the transmission. Nissan was not able to come up with a better design where the transmission was more firmly in place. As a result, there is a chronic push and pull effect between the transmission and engine any time you accelerate or decelerate.  In three design attempts, Nissan has not been able to produce a reliable bellhousing.  This is why we at ATR have taken it upon ourselves to eliminate the CAUSE of failure.  Our modified flange gives the rear driveshaft ample room to float between engine and transmission without abusing the bellhousing.  Our upgraded bearings are also better suited to handle constant abuse.

Signs of Damaged Bell Housing

A failed, or broken bellhousing will exhibit a rattling noise at idle, while stopped at a red light, and at low speeds.  The rattle is caused by the shaft moving around inside a damaged housing or a bearing failure.  Our upgraded V2 housings will eliminate future failures

A failed bellhousing sounds like this


As with any component, it is important to remember that accidents can and will happen. Every V2 Bellhousing from ATR comes with a 5 year warranty, up to 1,600 horsepower.  If you are running more than 1,600 horsepower, the damper disc can and will fail – Please look into our V3 housing with ETS billet shaft and disc.  Please note that ATR will not pay installation labor in any situation, we will be limited to the replacement value of the bellhousing.  We will cover shipping to and from our facility for the first year only.  A damaged housing must be returned for inspection before new housing is shipped.  Alternately, you can purchase another housing and we will refund once we have received a failed housing back.  In the event of a failure, we will replace the bearings on your existing housing – we have never had a housing failure, aside from a defective or failed bearing.

In over three years of manufacturing and selling this product, we have helped many clients to diagnose continuing drive train noise.  If you suspect a failed housing, please check all exhaust (including down pipe brackets above bellhousing), make sure all bolts are properly torqued on bellhousing, disc, driveshafts, and exhaust before starting a claim.  In some situations you may notice a rattle when the engine engages from a stop.  This is usually a result of a software tune that requires adjustment, and not a bellhousing issue (call or email us for more information on this).

  • We will warranty ONE bellhousing failure.  If the bellhousing fails a second time, we may opt to issue a full refund upon return, inspection, and confirmation of failure at our discretion
  • Our warranty does not cover labor costs, unless you have the bellhousing installed at our Gilbert, AZ facility – Highline Car Care
  • Our liability is limited to the purchase price of ATR bellhousing plus shipping
  • We will replace failed bearings on your V2 housing for 5 years from date of PURCHASE, for the original owner in the original vehicle only


Pre-Paid Core Charge

When purchasing your upgraded Auto Technology Repair Bell Housing, you must do one of two things:

Send Auto Technology Repair your core first so that we get the part before we ship out the bellhousing.
Pay a refundable $400 core charge up front and we’ll send you the bellhousing immediately.
Should you choose to ship your old core first, once Auto Technology receives your rebuildable core, you will receive a full refund of your core deposit. The cost of return shipping will be up to you.

Powdercoat Housing (Optional)

Not only will the part improve your car’s performance, but it can also enhance the aesthetic.

We will ship you the housing in any color you like. All you have to do is visit this link to see the selection of colors available. You have your choice of virtually any color you like, including:

  • red
  • yellow
  • orange
  • purple
  • blue
  • black
  • green
  • and many others.

Auto Technology Repair typically keeps the orange bell housing in stock because it is practically identical to the original equipment manufacturing brake caliper color. You should bear in mind the housing will not remain a show quality finish. For instance, you may notice some imperfections and casting marks within the housing. Fortunately, you can rest assured knowing the finish will still be exceptionally durable.

In the event you do want a show quality finish because you plan on showing your GT-R off in shows, then you need to contact us well in advance to discuss your options. However, you should remember that all powder coating is optional. It comes with an additional fee.

2 reviews for ATR Version 2 Nissan GT-R R35 Upgraded Bell Housing

  1. Sebastian Peluzzo (verified owner)

    No more clacking Finally super quiet again

  2. Arnold & Leticia (verified owner)

    The bell housing is as describe on the website. I received the part on time as plan. I installed the part for about a month now and so far it works great, no rattle, no issues….highly recommend

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