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Full-Service Car Navigation Repair

Starting at $399

Our full-service navigation unit repair will restore your vehicle navigation unit to fully functional, bypassing the cost and frustration of working with dealerships.

Navigation Parts for DIY Repair

Find the digitizer, screen, and other items you need.

Nissan GTR Upgrades and Service

A collection of products exclusively for GTR owners.

Accessories and Tools

What you need to repair and enjoy your car tech!

Full-Service Car Navigation Repair


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Auto Technology Repair is owned and operated by Highline Car Care in Gilbert, Arizona.

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Our commitment to being an industry leader in automotive technology repair is what sets us apart. We develop cutting edge products and services not only to repair, but to make your vehicle even more reliable than when it was brand new.

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Auto Technology Repair is based out of Gilbert, Arizona, owned and operated by Highline Care Care. 

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